Thinking of selling near the holidays?

Thinking of selling near the holidays?

Published | Written by Sarah McCormick

Thinking of selling near the holidays?

Published by on Nov 2, 2021 6:30:00 AM

If you were to poll seasoned real estate agents about the best time to list your property, most would have a similar answer.

For our region, listing as early as February can make sense since we don't get meaningful snow or cold weather for more than a few weeks. Being an early bird can put you in a strong position with buyers anxiously awaiting new inventory. After February, any time up until mid-May would be considered peak activity and a good time to list. Summer is usually less than ideal with end of the school year distractions and summer vacations. Early September, right after labor day, is the end of year listing season.

But sometimes you've got to go to market late. Job relocations and delayed projects can push your list date closer to Halloween or even the holidays. Fear not, homes sell year-round in the pacific northwest. If you're going to market at a non-traditional time, put a sharp focus on your list price. Price reductions if needed, will have less effect in November and December, so get it right up front. Avoid review dates unless you're extremely confident you'll be expecting multiple bidders. Find a way to work with strong buyers who are giving you most of what you want. Small concessions can go a long way to sealing a deal and will seem like a bargain in hindsight. Negotiating once you've been on market for a month can favor the buyer who knows you've lost steam. Make sure you maximize your natural light with open blinds and trimmed trees. And keep your walkways and yard space tidy! First impressions count and you don't want home shoppers to think they'll be doing yard work 24-7.

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