How to Juggle Selling Your Seattle Home and Moving

Published | Written by Sophia Morales

While preparing your home for sale can be difficult, selling your Seattle home and moving at the same time can be a lot more challenging. Numerous variables can prevent you from closing the deal fast. And, in the real estate world, time is of the essence. 

No matter what approach you take to balance the sale and the relocation, certain risks are always involved. These include: 

  • The risk of your previous home being on the market for too long 
  • The financial loss associated with the need to sell the property as quickly as possible 
  • The next purchase being contingent on the sale of your current house 

Furthermore, upon successful closure, you will need to move out. This means that you must look at potential housing solutions beforehand to ensure you don't end up homeless once the deal is finalized. Renting is an option; however, having already been a homeowner, there's a high chance you would want the deed in your name once again. 

With that in mind, is there a way to juggle between selling your Seattle home and moving? And more importantly, do it simultaneously without losing your mind? The answer is a big YES! The following steps will help you achieve precisely that. 

Save time by offering your property to cash buyers 

All things have their buyers, and properties are no exception. If you are short on time and would like to skip the whole ''putting the house on the market'' part, you could look for a cash buyer. Finding one has never been easier, as you could potentially do it online from the comfort of your bed. Of course, if you decide to take up the offer, bear in mind that the final amount will be no match to the one you would get through a standard listing. Nonetheless, if you value time more than money, this could prove to be a wise decision. 

Deal with home selling and moving preparations early on 

The earlier you begin preparing, the faster your house will be ready to sell and the sooner you can make the move. Based on recent reports, the average time it takes for a property to sell is three weeks after putting up the listing. But don't wait to enlist your home to tackle repairs, cleaning, and staging. All of these are incredibly time-consuming and could potentially require the help of professionals. Professionals who may be incapable of adapting to your schedule and must, instead, be booked several days or weeks in advance. 

When selling your Seattle home and moving, it's not only home improvements that you may need assistance with. Instead of doing everything yourself, allow reputable experts to lead the process of packing fragile items, handling transport, or providing temporary storage. Professional movers can be helpful even if you are moving only locally. 

Don't overestimate the value of the property 

The real estate trends are to blame for the speed and price at which your property sells. Figuring out the worth of your home?is extremely challenging without experienced real estate agents guiding you through the process. They can cross-analyze several similar listings to determine the right asking price for the deal to finalize rapidly. 

To yield results in a market that favors buyers, you could be required to offer your property for a sum that's significantly lower than that of competitors. And while some people think that setting the initial cost high will bring more profit, the latter isn't true. As a matter of fact, an overly expensive listing is bound to remain on the market for a while. The longer it stays there, the lower the chance of it ever selling. 

Don't make rash decisions regarding the purchase of a new home 

The key is to take it slow. You are in no way obligated to purchase the next property right after selling your Seattle home. Instead, use the time between selling and buying to explore different neighborhoods. You can't possibly know if the first one you've stumbled upon will be the right fit, so try several of them before you decide to settle. In the meantime, rent an apartment or a house. Opt for a month-to-month basis rather than committing to a long-term lease. Doing so will allow you to leave the premises on short notice without worrying about legal consequences. 

It's worth mentioning that buying while selling is possible, but it isn't particularly advisable. Unless you have sufficient funds for a cash payment, that is. Chances are you don't, which means you would probably need to take out an additional mortgage to fund the undertaking. Paying for one loan takes a tremendous load on your finances, let alone paying for two! Not to mention you would have a hard time securing a second mortgage without a high credit score and a bank account in good standing. With that said, waiting for the sale of your current home to go through is a much better option. 

Seek out reliable real estate agents to handle both selling and purchasing 

If you've set your mind on purchasing housing while selling the old property, you'll need the help of reputable real estate agents. The best agents are capable of closing deals quickly while ensuring greater profits. They are also notorious for introducing buyers to the ''best value for money'' kind of listings. 

Final words 

Selling your Seattle home and moving out of it comes with a set of difficulties. If we consider the financial and emotional tolls that relocation takes on us, the process may very well be one of the most challenging experiences you've faced so far. Still, with the right approach and the right people, finalizing the sale and relocating will surely turn from troublesome into bearable. 

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