Biggest Challenges of Buying an As-Is Home

Published | Written by Sophia Morales

Buying a home as-is is generally considered a pretty risky decision. This is because a buyer essentially agrees to buy a home in its current state. This leaves you open to quite a few possible issues. For example, if a problem shows up between viewing the house and buying it, it’s on you to fix it. So, a home that looks perfectly fine can end up being a money and time sink. You need to know the challenges of buying an as-is home and how to deal with them. If you know what to avoid and what you can compromise on, you can get a good deal. So, to help out, we’ve put together a list of challenges to look out for and how to deal with them. 

You can’t guarantee the condition won’t worsen 

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest challenges of buying an as-is home in Seattle is that problems might appear during the buying process. This is a risk because the problem can be as minor as a leak or as severe as structural damage. As such, knowing how to recognize problems when going on a walkthrough of a home is vital. If you know which issues are already present, you can predict what might happen. If you spot a leak, you know that there's a risk of water damage showing up before buying the home. So, avoid properties that can lead to expensive problems, and weigh up risks. And when it comes to fixing up the house, try to avoid mistakes in design. Bathroom design mistakes are the most common, so carefully plan the remodels before going through them. 

Calculating costs can be difficult 

One of the most common reasons to buy a home as-is is because they’re often much cheaper than other properties in the area. However, it would be best to consider the cost of repairing the house, which can be somewhat tricky. As we already mentioned, problems tend to pop up during the buying process, which makes budgeting problematic. Additionally, it can be challenging to take in the full scope of a problem from just a walkthrough. You might miss some issues or underestimate how expensive the repairs are. The best way to deal with this is to hire a professional home inspector so you can know the exact problem. And when it comes to renovating the home, remember to make room for everything. Especially if you’re downsizing, it’s essential to arrange the storage space in your home in a way that allows you to store all of your belongings. 

You might be unable to live in the home until the repairs are done 

Another of the biggest challenges of buying an as-is home is that you might have to find a place to stay until the repairs are done. For example, if the home's plumbing or electrical systems are unusable, living in the house isn’t an option. So, remember to plan and have a place to stay while the repairs are ongoing. If staying in your old home is an option, you likely won’t have too many problems. Otherwise, you might have to rent an apartment or stay in a hotel for a while. If you are coming to Seattle from another state, finding a helpful moving team can be a lifesaver. Many Californians decide to leave the state and settle in Washington, so be sure to research moving companies and find the one that works for you. 

You will likely have to replace appliances 

Before buying a home, you need to consider appliances, and when it comes to as-is homes, they usually need to be replaced. This?adds further costs to make the home livable and is something many forget to consider. So, when checking out the house, check if the appliances are old or even functional. You will either have to budget for new devices or look for a different home if they're not. If you need to buy appliances, fixing up an as-is home can break the bank. Of course, if this is an option, you can always plan to bring in the appliances from your old home. Regardless, it's essential to consider the devices when considering an as-is home, as this often sneaks up on people buying as-is homes. 

Work with experts whenever possible 

At the end of the day, weighing up the risks of buying an as-is home in Seattle is easier with help. So, consider working with a real estate agent and professional home inspector throughout the process. If you find a potential home, contact a contractor and ask about price estimates for repairs and renovations. Since planning ahead is very important, getting these accurate estimates is vital. And if you’re unsure about a home, an expert can advise you whether or not the risk is worth taking or not. In addition to a realtor and home inspector, working with an attorney is also a good idea. They can point out any possible legal issues with the home through a title search. And, if they do find a problem with the property, you’re better off simply looking elsewhere. 

Biggest challenges of buying an as-is home – wrap up 

All in all, as-is homes can be very risky to buy. Because of the uncertainty when it comes to the problems present in the homes or how much it would take to fix the home up, planning ahead is very difficult. Working with experts and being careful can help you weigh up the pros and cons of a specific property. But, at the end of the day, there is no be-all-end-all solution to buying a home as-is, so remember to always be careful when considering one. We hope that this list of the biggest challenges of buying an as-is home helps you out, and we wish you a good day. 


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