7 Ways to Know You've Found Your Ideal Home

7 Ways to Know You've Found Your Ideal Home

Published | Written by Sarah McCormick

7 Ways to Know You've Found Your Ideal Home

Published by on Mar 8, 2022 6:30:00 AM

House hunting isn't always fun, especially when it takes you a long time to find something that feels like home. The question is, how do you even realize you've discovered such a property? Do you feel it, or how does it all work? Worry not, as we're bringing you the list of ways to know you've found your ideal home. After you've read through it, you should have no doubt in your mind that you've stumbled upon your dream house - or has it, perhaps, stumbled upon you?

Despite everything in you telling you that the house is "the one", you might still be questioning whether it actually is that. That's where we come in to help out. With our expert advice, you should be able to finalize the buying process asap, without waiting to sleep on it. Because let's face it, if you wait to make your move, somebody else could scoop the property you've been dreaming about right from under you! We trust that isn't something you want.

1 | You Feel Drawn to the House

First impressions are of grave importance in all aspects of life, house hunting included. If you feel a strong connection to the house right from the moment you see it - almost as if something is drawing you to it, inviting you in - chances are this property could be it. Call it a gut instinct or whatever you want, but the truth is, the feeling is real and can't be denied.

2 | You Feel at Home the Moment You Enter

Haven't felt butterflies in your stomach on your way to the house? How about when you came in? Were you instantly greeted by the warmth and coziness of the place? If the answer is yes, and you feel comfortable the second you enter, there's a pretty good chance you've just stepped foot into your future home. Sometimes, people have a hard time entering bathrooms while attending property viewings. Another dead giveaway that suggests the place is right for you is being 100% okay with snooping around the bathroom - for more than a couple of seconds at a time, that is.

3 | You Start Fantasizing About Your Future There

You haven't even made the purchase yet, but you already know how you will decorate the place. You are beginning to contemplate how your existing furniture will fit the layout. Furthermore, you can't help but make plans in your mind about buying new pieces, either. But it isn't only decorating that is occupying your thoughts. The images of your future here are also starting to flood in. You are envisioning spending your life in this house, and the excitement can't be hidden.


If fantasizing about the future arrangements helps you realize that you should purchase this house, and you finally end up buying the place, it's time to start thinking about organizing the move. It's vital to begin planning as early as possible, as that will give you more time to prepare for the relocation and pack. While packing furniture, for instance, you'll want to pay attention to every piece to minimize the possibility of damage in transit.

4 | The Property Checks All the Boxes

Okay, maybe it doesn't check all the boxes out there, but it fits the most important ones. It has the number of rooms you wanted it to have, the price is within your budget, plus the location is just right. If it's missing some features you wanted your dream house to have, think about it this way. Can you absolutely not live without them, thus, making them a deal-breaker? If yes, walk away from it. However, if you are willing to compromise - well, you know what that means.

5 | You Are No Longer Willing to Consider Looking at Other Homes

Among the ways to know you've found the ideal home is by being no longer willing to consider the possibility of buying another home. In fact, you aren't even interested in looking at other houses anymore. That's how much you've grown to like the property! It has simply set the bar so high that there isn't a place to compare to it. You are 100% sure of this, and there's no changing your mind.

6 | You Want to Brag About It

You have barely left the place, but you can't stop the urge to announce to the world how happy it made you feel. You absolutely can't wait to tell your friends and family all about it. You haven't even begun talking yet, but you know that, once you start doing so, there won't be stopping for a while. Your phone is flooding with interior and exterior photographs from all possible angles. Yet, neither words nor pictures do it justice, and both are impossible to convene just how excited you feel about the possibility of this house being finally yours.

7 | It’s Consuming Your Thoughts

Somehow, this property has managed to override all thoughts you might have previously had. It's all you can think about now. And that is actually your mind's way of telling you this is "the house". So, what are you waiting for?


If we are being sincere, the ways to know you've found your ideal home defy all logic. We've been taught for years to look at everything in life from more than one perspective, to weigh our options. But, in the case of buying a house, maybe we shouldn't. Perhaps it's best not to think too much about the matter, but rather, let your instincts take over and decide. Chances are, they won't be mistaken.

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