Jerad Thysens

When working with my clients, I work hard to create an approach that will enable their goals to be met. I listen to your needs as a buyer or a seller, and then work collaboratively with you to help the plan that we've devised to come to life. With my local knowledge, negotiation experience and the ability to utilize my entire firm's knowledge and skills, there is no task in real estate that we cannot take head on and accomplish. The housing market in Seattle is extremely competitive and will continue to be so. In times like this it is important to have local expertise in your corner. With my resolve, determination and understanding of the market, I am able to serve my clients efficiently, making the home buying or selling experience not only fulfilling but exciting!  

 I was raised in Tacoma and moved to Seattle when I began studying at the University of Washington in 2007. As a Pacific North West native who has traveled quite extensively, I love this city and am extremely excited at the potential I see in it. This part of the country is at the beginning stages of a boom that will last for quite some time. Regarding real estate, buying property here now is a wise investment looking down the road.  


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We take great pride in our ability to deliver outstanding results. And our satisfied home buyers and sellers can attest to that. That’s what makes us more than just another real estate agency. It means we not only have the expertise to see your purchase or sale through from start to finish, we’re here for you from then on for any needs that might arise. It’s an ongoing commitment to excellence that delivers maximum peace of mind.

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