My first ever blog post

I’ve always tried to keep up with the times when it comes to technology and how it relates to our business..  Back in ’91 or so, when we were dialing up with a 14.4 modem (big upgrade from the 2400 bps unit), I had one of those numeric emails that Compuserve issued and was trying to communicate with our three clients that also had emails.  When we upgraded to a 56k modem, and launched our website, I tried to grab, which would have made sense for Real Property Associates.  Alas, some guy in LA beat me to it by a month.  We’ve settled for rpaseattle, rentseattle, rpa-re, and as our some of our domains (little did I know that briefer would be better…I would have taken RPA1 or maybe tried to buy out the guy back before he knew what he had with those three little letters).  And when my eight year old daughter asked me how old I WAS when I got my first cellphone, and I told her “twenty two,” she was dismayed that it might actually be fourteen more years before she gets mobile.  I didn’t tell her that back in 1988 the Motorola 950 brick phone, which cost me $800, plus about a buck a minute, was the first cell phone that was widely available.    

So I’m a little ashamed that it’s now November of 2007 and I’m putting up my first blog.  Sure, I’ve thought about it over the past few years, especially since my first Inman where people were all about getting their words out there (January 2006).  I will proudly chalk the delay not up to lazy procrastination, but to the “other things” that get in the way of doing what you know you should be doing, but never get around to.  It’s been a busy few years with Seattle’s real estate market, a growing family, and lots of other things going on. 

So better late than never.  Here’s my blog — I hope you enjoy it!

One thought on “My first ever blog post

  1. Nice to see you sharing your knowledge with the masses. I too remember when cell phones were for dignitaries and pagers were for doctors. Unlike yourself I never knew the days of the real estate book of listings, and probably won’t know how spoiled I am until something changes the face of real estate representation. In a broad scheme I think you are very right, we do have a strong employment market and we live in one of the more desirable parts of our country. Rates are stable and there are a lot of homes available that will be strong investments for the long-term. It will just be interesting to see things pan out. Welcome to the web, for a day or a lifetime!

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