Google Street View hits home

I’ve seen some cool mapping features emerge over the past few years:  First it was the satellite imagery; then the “bird’s eye” oblique (45 degree) views; then Google started driving vans all over the country and showing us what the pedestrian, or “street view,” is of the house and neighborhood.  Why even bother getting in the car?!

I’d looked at the street view in some of the launch cities, like San Francisco, where I digitally strolled by a friend’s townhouse in the Richmond.  But I really hadn’t seen it rolled out in Seattle, until tonight, when I was looking on Zillow at some listings in Ravenna.  There was a recent sale on the 6800 block of 26th NE, about a block from where our construction company, RPDC, is building two new homes.   The default view of the house was the street view.  There is a stripe running down the street, around the block, and into the 6800 block of 27th NE…which is where I saw our two houses.  These must have been taken in the past two months, based on the stage of construction.  Which means the image when from the fancy G-van camera, to Google, and to Zillow’s database, to my screen, in an incredibly short time.  How great for the consumer to be able to “test walk” the ‘hood.  Here’s what I saw: 


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