Kris Berg, from http://sandiegohomeblog.com/

Her most recent post, here, talks about a listing that she competed for which is being inadequately marketed — or at least didn’t feature a photo in the MLS.  She goes on to describe some of her marketing plan for her listings, which are basic steps for any good agent — but I would guess that most people don’t take the time to do these things, even in this market.  Good reading.

I especially like this line:

“The fact that we were not selected is not the point. We can’t win ‘em all; we never have, and we never will. Hire me; don’t hire me. But, if you don’t hire me, please hire someone as good or better. Hire someone worthy of your business.”

Kris’ is a good blog to add to your RSS reader if you’re a real estate agent — it’s lots of real estate 101, from her San Diego perspective, and there’s a lot to learn (or maybe just be reminded of).

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